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Clothes formed close to nature, imparting positive energy and peace. Often beyond trends. The minimalist , comfortable , creative , simple and non-binding . Multi-functional and imaginative .

Style inspired by rock.

The choice of fabrics and colors is not accidental.

Fabrics should be user-friendly and practical , so almost all of our clothes can be washed at home , and the corresponding drying allows you to wear them without ironing . In addition, it should be easy to keep clean , easy and fun to wear and fit many others.

The basic color is gray , because of its versatile and practical character , and charm . Consequently, the black and white , since they all started.

A large part of the line is formed on the basis of one die - because of the minimalist and functionality.

The idea is to start consciously aware of the clothes worn in resolute style , look for these new applications , finding the forgotten already had the pleasure of slowness , peace , freedom, independence.

I do not have to be perfect, but can, if you really want it - so you can roll up our clothes, pull or cut off without the consequences of losing style.


Create in POLAND minimalist clothing in the most honest and sustainable manner.

Vision :

To be socially responsible , to support local businesses and preserve the environment .

Our values:

Minimalism : creating clothes with a simple cut and finish , without unnecessary frills and extras. we sew in small batches , we work with small suppliers , we have a limited palette of muted colors

Nature : use and eco- friendly raw materials and create the most natural and friendly environment.

Respect and Responsibility : with a respect for the people and for nature. We respect the people who wear our clothes who create them , and all the other współtowarzyszących production process . We try to do it with the utmost respect for the environment. We need to create clothing and equipment that will remain with us for a long time.

Forbearance : We want to create the most forgiving clothes and friendly.

Creativity : We want to continually inspire others.

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